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Guided by modern requirements and national and international construction standards, KTISTOR has developed significant experience in a wide range of projects including hotel units, apartment buildings, industrial buildings, offices, the construction of the Athens TRAM line, static reinforcement of buildings, construction of dams and water supply-sewage networks, etc.

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Renewable Energy Sources

Responding to the constantly evolving energy sector, KTISTOR has established itself in the field of construction of Renewable Energy Sources projects thanks to its many years of experience and strong know-how. The company has completed a significant number of Wind and Photovoltaic Parks with a total installed capacity of over 570MW including access roads and interconnection works as well as several Medium Voltage Substations. At the same time, it is active in the field of development of energy projects while it has a Wind Measurements Laboratory accredited according to ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

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The company has the ability to prepare all the required studies for the construction of a project as well as to monitor the licensing and development procedure of the project. To date, over 1500MW production license applications have been submitted by the company.

Wind measurement recorders have been installed at more than 100 points around Greece used by its certified laboratory (ISO 17025) for the collection and processing of wind data.